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Terms and

Sweetly Styled Custom Cakes 

In these terms and conditions any reference to our, my, myself, me, us, we, company, means Sweetly Styled as the supplier of the goods and services.

Any reference to you and your means the customer or purchaser of the goods and services by Sweetly Styled.



A quote is not regarded as a cake booking. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking with Sweetly Styled. Spots are subject to availability and it’s a first-in, best-dressed policy. A deposit remittance must be sent with a reference of your surname and event date. Wedding cake quotes are valid for two months and personal cake quotes are valid for 2 weeks



Final payment is due one week before event date. Unless full payment has been received, the goods will not be delivered. Any changes to your order after the deposit has been made may result in your quote being revised.



A final invoice will be sent prior to the commencement of your order. This is where you will find final amount owing. Please make sure all spelling is correct, colours are specified & date and delivery address is correct. This is what we will be working from to complete your order. Any incorrect information will be replicated on your order.



Once a cake leaves Sweetly Styled, the purchaser is solely responsible for the transportation of the cake. Many factors will compromise your cake and some examples of these are temperature, rain and direct sunlight.


Please note: Fondant cakes must not be refrigerated as this may cause damage to the final finish. They should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Buttercream must be stored in the fridge overnight if picked up the day before the event. If you are picking it up on the day of the event, then it can be left at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight.



Cancelations or change of event date must be summited in writing with the new date. The new date will be accepted subject to availability. Any updates or changes to your order must be notified one week prior to the event date. Most changes can be accommodated, however at times unfortunately it may not be possible.


If you cancel your order after the deposit has been paid, a refund may be available. If you have ordered a last minute cake (within two weeks of the event date) unfortunately, deposits are not refundable if progress has been made to your order. An example of this would be if figurines or toppers have been made.

All cancelled orders will incur a $80 admin fee.

If a cancellation must occur due to Covid - The progress of the order at the time of cancellation, is the customer's responsibility to absorb the cost.
Anything that has not been created for the cake will be refunded/ credited to the postponed event if required.


Sweetly Styled always prefer to deliver your cakes to save you the hassle. Acceptance of the cake by an event manager at the venue acknowledges that it has been delivered and set up in good condition. A name and contact number of the event manager must be provided for a successful delivery.


Sweetly Styled takes no responsibility for loss or damage to the goods after delivery is completed. We recommend a sturdy table and an optimal room temperature of 23 degrees or below.


Sweetly Styled will photograph your cake at the venue as evidence that it has been delivered and set up perfectly. This photo will be used for marketing and promotional purposes at our sole discretion and no compensation will be payable to you.


Clients wishing to pick up their cakes are responsible for the safe delivery of their products. Any accidents or damages that occur after pick up during transportation are not the responsibility of Sweetly Styled.

Anything needing to be fixed (damage from your travels or storage) will incur a rushed decoration free from $100.


We are more than happy to organize fresh flowers for your cake. Please note; it is subject to availability upon market day. Colour tones and flower varieties may be subject to availability, which is out of the control of Sweetly Styled.


If the client provides fresh flowers they must be suitably wired and taped by a florist. Failure to do so means an additional cost may apply if Sweetly Styled is required to tape, wire and arrange florals. If flowers are pre-purchased by the customer and are not made available upon delivery, then it will not be the responsibility of Sweetly Styled to wait around to arrange them on the cake (as we will have other deliveries to make on the day after your event). The responsibility may fall onto the florist delivering them or the event coordinator.


Please note; fresh flowers are not a food product and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt and other contaminant. Sweetly Styled will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions that may occur.



Our kitchen is not free from gluten, nuts, soy, eggs and other allergens that may be harmful to particular guests. 

Although we can make cakes “free from”, we can’t guarantee 100% that it is free from most allergens.

Contact Information


Address: 78 Elgin St Carlton, 3053

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